At last


Anne and Brady were wed by the falls. All there friends were there, even the insane paper boy, once again inappropriately dressed.


After the ceremony, Anne rocked out on her guitar to get everyone dancing.


Anne had a small amount of money to add to the amount Brady had saved, but it wasn’t much. They purchased a house just big enough for their large family. Three bedroom…the two girls had one bedroom, and the two boys had another.


It had a nice dining area where the family liked to gather to read, do homework, and of course eat.


Brady got a job delivering newspapers. Yes, the challenge is over. Brady failed at his life’s ambition, but you know what? He’s happier now.


Shortly after the move, it was time for Kenisha to grow into a young adult. She looks very much like her mother.

The challenge may be over, but the story isn’t. Stay tuned!


One Last Night


Anne gave Brady one last squeeze and said goodbye. It wasn’t until after she was driving away that Brady realized the implications of what she had whispered in his ear. “It’s not too late”.

As Brady cleaned up from the party he reflected on what Anne had said, and his life so far. Then, he made the decision.

He wanted to change. Everything. He wanted to be a journalist. He wanted to marry Anne. He wanted to work hard to make Anne and himself happy.


He called Anne, and she hurried back over. The spent a wonderful evening together, discussing their plans for the future. She no longer wanted to work at the spa. Her children were growing up, and she wanted to have a career of her own.


But reality hit them in the morning. She was engaged to Mortimer, whom she thought was a good man, if a bit boring. What about the son she had with Mortimer, where would he live? How would they support themselves and the children on just two starting salaries? The money wasn’t hers, it was Mortimer’s.

They regretfully made a mutual decision that this was it. She would marry Mortimer, it was the practical thing to do.

With quiet tears, Anne got dressed and headed out of Brady’s home for what they both feared would be the last time.

She kissed him on the cheek and left.

She hadn’t even made it out of the yard when Brady ran out after. He practically fell on to his knees and with all the confidence he could muster….


“Marry me?” he asked hopefully.

Delicious Cake


The time was near for the transitioning. Brady approached his cake, feeling a bit apprehensive. “This is it,” he mumbled to himself.


His friends all gathered around and let out an explosive din of cheers.


Brady leaned in and blew on the candles….


And then, he was old. ((Okay is it just me, or does that cake look delicious? Is that like raspberry filling?:::drool::::))


After the cake, people began to disperse leaving Brady alone with this a messy backyard and…Anne. Anne noticed that Brady seemed….sad. He has always been such a happy and positive guy, especially at parties. This change in demeanor concerned her so she stuck around for a bit. “Happy Birthday, Brady! You’ve had a good life so far, and there is still plenty of time ahead. Any regrets?”


Brady sighed, and then looked directly into Anne’s eyes, and said “Only that I didn’t get to marry you.”


Anne smiled sadly, and gave Brady a long affectionate hug, and whispered “It’s not too late.”

One Last Party


Brady was outside getting ready for another day of collecting when the newspaper boy arrived. Brady greeted him and made a joke, which the boy thought was hilarious. “Hey Mister, you going out collecting in the fields again today?” “Yep,” said Brady.

“Why do you go out there everyday?”

“To collect gems and meteorites that I sell for money.”

“Why not get a real job?”

“When I was young, I promised myself I wouldn’t work a day in my life.”

“Them fields look like work to me. Don’t you get lonely out there? Do you have friends that come with you?”

“No. No friends. Yeah, it can be tiring, long days.”

“Why don’t you do something more fun?”

“Maybe I will, as soon as I make money. Then maybe I will be come a famous journalist, like I’ve always wanted.”

“You only live once, sir. And you are already mighty old, sir.”

The child then scampered off to complete the rest of his route.

Brady began to think…he IS getting old. Today was his birthday, time to transition to elder. Who knows how much longer he has left? He hasn’t exactly taken care of himself all these years. Life has certainly not worked out like he had planned.

When Brady decided he didn’t want to work, he thought his days would be filled with parties and laziness. Boy, had he been wrong. Maybe collecting in the fields WAS work. Some days it certainly felt like it. It was great to not have a boss, and to make his own schedule. But he had to collect a lot, just to make enough money to get by.

Brady decided to throw a birthday party for himself. One last party before he became an old man.


He had a great turn out for the party…friends that he hadn’t seen in ages many of whom have gotten old, and his children showed up for the occasion.


Curt looked a lot like Brady, and he was fun and crazy just like Brady. Actually, he was a bit too crazy….legally, Curt was insane. Brady wondered how he was going to get on as an adult. Brady wondered how he could help.


There was plenty of dancing.


While Madison played the guitar.


The newspaper boy also showed up…in his swimsuit. As it turns out, the paperboy attends the same special needs programs in school as Curt does. The paperboy watched the party from the side, tapping his foot along to the music. When Brady looked at him, the paperboy gave him an intent stare. Brady got the sense that the strange child was telling him to look around…his children are practically grown, his friends are getting older, and he is spending every day out in the field collecting gems. Was this what he wanted?

Day 35: A bit too excited…

So, I was really excited to use the collection helper…I haven’t used it yet, and I really want to see Brady make his money and marry Anne…

So…I forgot to take pictures. :p

He spent all of Day 35 collecting rocks and gems. Then he went home and mailed all the gems away to get cut.

He sold off all the space rocks and metals….for a total of…$3242.

Can’t wait to see how much money he gets from those gems!!

Day 34: Checkmate!

The following day there was a chess tournament in the park, so Brady headed over. He ran into his daughter there, and he played chess with her.


He also played chess with Officer Goddard.


On the way home, he stole some more items from the library.

That’s when it happened…..

40k baby!

Brady now has the collection helper!

Day 33: A turning point?

Day thirty-three started out normal enough. Brady did his usual morning routine…breakfast, bath, cleaning the house, mail, etc… He also checked up on his children. Now, all three of them have (mysteriously) grown into children. Clarissa also got the trait of “unlucky” and Curt got “insane”.  Brady has managed to produce some fairly interesting offspring.

Next it was off to the park. He was planning on doing some minor collecting and then some socializing. The park is a great place to meet new people, and try out new jokes.

Brady was surprised to find Mortimer there with some of his kids. He chatted with him for awhile. Brady and Mortimer are friends and he seems like a stand-up guy. Brady has watched him grow from child to teen to now a young adult.

Mortimer excused himself and a little while later Anne appeared accompanied by Gunther, a senior member of the Goth homestead. Brady greeted Anne with a romantic gesture, and Gunther got all upset. That’s odd. Brady has always got on well with Mr. Goth.

That’s when Brady gets the news. Anne is engaged….to Mortimer. Brady and I are surprised, saddened, angered and disgusted all at the same time. Anne was single before she met Brady and she never has shown any sign of dating Mortimer. When did this all happen? Is that why she was living with the Goths? Is this an arranged marriage?


Brady is distraught and stays in the park late into the evening. Just sitting on the swings and thinking.

Mortimer is a nice guy…the Goths are very wealthy. Is it best for his children to grow up in the Goth house? Where they can be provided for? How can he take that kind of life away from them? He will still see them.

But Brady wants his children and he wants Anne.

Brady decides he needs to make his millions and fast. He needs to prove he can take care of his family before Anne marries Mortimer.


He leaves more resolved than ever. But not before taking a trash can, a grille, and the enormous statue at the entrance of the park.