At last


Anne and Brady were wed by the falls. All there friends were there, even the insane paper boy, once again inappropriately dressed.


After the ceremony, Anne rocked out on her guitar to get everyone dancing.


Anne had a small amount of money to add to the amount Brady had saved, but it wasn’t much. They purchased a house just big enough for their large family. Three bedroom…the two girls had one bedroom, and the two boys had another.


It had a nice dining area where the family liked to gather to read, do homework, and of course eat.


Brady got a job delivering newspapers. Yes, the challenge is over. Brady failed at his life’s ambition, but you know what? He’s happier now.


Shortly after the move, it was time for Kenisha to grow into a young adult. She looks very much like her mother.

The challenge may be over, but the story isn’t. Stay tuned!


3 Responses

  1. I have followed Brady’s adventuers since the beginning. I think my favorite post was where he realized Ann was with Mortimer and he stole the statue out of the park. 🙂

  2. Yay, a happy ending for Brady. It’s a pity he didn’t manage to complete his challenge or his LTW, but at least he gets to be happy now. Too bad his kids were all nearly grown before they managed to get together.

  3. Kind of like real life, where sometimes we realize that the thing we’ve been working for, that we thought we wanted, isn’t really it at all–we really want something completely different. I’m glad he chose to go for a chance of happiness with Anne.

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