One Last Night


Anne gave Brady one last squeeze and said goodbye. It wasn’t until after she was driving away that Brady realized the implications of what she had whispered in his ear. “It’s not too late”.

As Brady cleaned up from the party he reflected on what Anne had said, and his life so far. Then, he made the decision.

He wanted to change. Everything. He wanted to be a journalist. He wanted to marry Anne. He wanted to work hard to make Anne and himself happy.


He called Anne, and she hurried back over. The spent a wonderful evening together, discussing their plans for the future. She no longer wanted to work at the spa. Her children were growing up, and she wanted to have a career of her own.


But reality hit them in the morning. She was engaged to Mortimer, whom she thought was a good man, if a bit boring. What about the son she had with Mortimer, where would he live? How would they support themselves and the children on just two starting salaries? The money wasn’t hers, it was Mortimer’s.

They regretfully made a mutual decision that this was it. She would marry Mortimer, it was the practical thing to do.

With quiet tears, Anne got dressed and headed out of Brady’s home for what they both feared would be the last time.

She kissed him on the cheek and left.

She hadn’t even made it out of the yard when Brady ran out after. He practically fell on to his knees and with all the confidence he could muster….


“Marry me?” he asked hopefully.


3 Responses

  1. Oh, please, let Anne marry Brady and not Mortimer! There just has to be a place for heartfelt love….

  2. I agree. They can make it work somehow. They both deserve to not have this end in hearbreak for both of them.

  3. Yeah–and poor Mortimer deserves not to have a wife who only married him for security, too! Give him a chance to find real love with someone who will love him for his neurotic, picky, grumpy self!

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