Delicious Cake


The time was near for the transitioning. Brady approached his cake, feeling a bit apprehensive. “This is it,” he mumbled to himself.


His friends all gathered around and let out an explosive din of cheers.


Brady leaned in and blew on the candles….


And then, he was old. ((Okay is it just me, or does that cake look delicious? Is that like raspberry filling?:::drool::::))


After the cake, people began to disperse leaving Brady alone with this a messy backyard and…Anne. Anne noticed that Brady seemed….sad. He has always been such a happy and positive guy, especially at parties. This change in demeanor concerned her so she stuck around for a bit. “Happy Birthday, Brady! You’ve had a good life so far, and there is still plenty of time ahead. Any regrets?”


Brady sighed, and then looked directly into Anne’s eyes, and said “Only that I didn’t get to marry you.”


Anne smiled sadly, and gave Brady a long affectionate hug, and whispered “It’s not too late.”


4 Responses

  1. Awww…..

  2. I agree…awwww 🙂

    And it’s not just you…I’ve thought that cake looks absolutely to die for since I first saw it. Chocolate layer, vanilla layer, raspberry filling, buttercream icing….yeah, very :::drool:::

  3. How sweet! (Brady and Anne, not just the cake.)

  4. What a cliff hanger…..!

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