Day 33: A turning point?

Day thirty-three started out normal enough. Brady did his usual morning routine…breakfast, bath, cleaning the house, mail, etc… He also checked up on his children. Now, all three of them have (mysteriously) grown into children. Clarissa also got the trait of “unlucky” and Curt got “insane”.  Brady has managed to produce some fairly interesting offspring.

Next it was off to the park. He was planning on doing some minor collecting and then some socializing. The park is a great place to meet new people, and try out new jokes.

Brady was surprised to find Mortimer there with some of his kids. He chatted with him for awhile. Brady and Mortimer are friends and he seems like a stand-up guy. Brady has watched him grow from child to teen to now a young adult.

Mortimer excused himself and a little while later Anne appeared accompanied by Gunther, a senior member of the Goth homestead. Brady greeted Anne with a romantic gesture, and Gunther got all upset. That’s odd. Brady has always got on well with Mr. Goth.

That’s when Brady gets the news. Anne is engaged….to Mortimer. Brady and I are surprised, saddened, angered and disgusted all at the same time. Anne was single before she met Brady and she never has shown any sign of dating Mortimer. When did this all happen? Is that why she was living with the Goths? Is this an arranged marriage?


Brady is distraught and stays in the park late into the evening. Just sitting on the swings and thinking.

Mortimer is a nice guy…the Goths are very wealthy. Is it best for his children to grow up in the Goth house? Where they can be provided for? How can he take that kind of life away from them? He will still see them.

But Brady wants his children and he wants Anne.

Brady decides he needs to make his millions and fast. He needs to prove he can take care of his family before Anne marries Mortimer.


He leaves more resolved than ever. But not before taking a trash can, a grille, and the enormous statue at the entrance of the park.


4 Responses

  1. Wow thats messed up.

  2. Are you gonna just let the Goth family take Anne away? Or will you fight for them Brady? Come on….make up your mind!

  3. Heh – didn’t see that coming! Sometimes TS3 story progression can throw some interesting curved balls. Looking forward to seeing what Brady does.

  4. Wow. I guess Anne got tired of waiting for Brady to ask! So I have to ask, is Curt really Brady’s kid? Didn’t they only do the deed once?

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