Day 30, 31, 32: Fast Forward

Okay…let’s sum up Days 30, 31, and 32.

Household Net on Day 30: 21,500

Happy Points on Day 30: 33,000

Kenisha has grown into a child…though Clarissa still remains a baby…despite Curt being a toddler (thank you Sims 3 glitches).

Kenisha’s traits are: excitable, brave and couch potato.


Brady upgrades his stereo (he’s collected 3 and always has them playing…the man loves music).

Brady visits the library and steals the items in children’s play area. Yes, you heard that right. Can’t take him anywhere.


Brady gets kicked out of a house before having a chance to steal anything.

He competes in the amateur olympics and earns $1,000.

He chats with Anne, invites her over, etc…

Day 33 Net Worth: $30,000

Points: 37,000


One Response

  1. One of his twin girls is STILL a baby?? Hmmm, love the glitches.

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