Day 27: Meet Curt


On Day 27, Brady made waffles for breakfast. Then he did some chores, had duckytime in the bath tub, and then invited Mortimer over.

He had planned to mooch a few simoleons from Mortimer, but instead Mortimer brought over Brady’s son (who like magic, is already as big as his sisters), Curt.

Brady’s eyebrows don’t look quite so hideous on a boy (though, I think him and all his offspring look like a family of apes…if it wasn’t for Anne…well, let’s not go there).

Curt is a light sleeper (well, not living with them does have its perks) and loves the outdoors. Interesting.

Brady managed to mooch $2 from Mortimer.

In the evening, he went across the street and visited Erin…he mooched $3 and then stole her entire living room ($475, $725, $35).

Current Household Net: $21,000

Current Happy Points: 27,700 (collection helper is at 40,000)


One Response

  1. Come on Brady, time for more spawn! You might be slacking on us….

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