Day 26: A B-Day Celebration


Brady through another party. This one was pretty rockin’. He splurged a bit to get some decorations and a fire pit.


And why did he have a party? It was his birthday! All of you who actually play the game must be a bit confused now. I said it was Day 26, didn’t I? Well, when I first started the game, I had the lifespan set to a bit longer. I changed it almost right away, but Brady’s lifespan didn’t adjust fully. So, Brady gets some bonus time!


After the party, Anne and Brady went out to the movies. It puts Brady in a good mood, so I’ve been trying to go often.


Brady did do a bit of collecting in the cemetery.


And he stole some items from a rich neighbor on the way home.

But, I don’t remember how much he made.


2 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Brady!!!

  2. Just a little “collecting” at the cemetery, eh? Dr. Brady Frankenstein?

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