Day 24: The Meeting


Brady is now the father of twin girls. Kenisha and Clarissa Song were born on Day 24.


So far, Brady has only been introduced to Kenisha. Kenisha’s first two traits are excitable and brave. Brady (and I) are very proud and Anne must be a good mum.

Brady has more motivation than ever now to make his 100,000 so he can marry Anne and help raise his two beautiful girls.


5 Responses

  1. It’s probably too late, but I was wondering, why couldn’t he marry her and not count the money that she brings into the household? That would make him happy and even though the money is in the bank doesnt mean they have to use it. You could just simply pretend it’s not there. Just a thought. I would love for him to have to wait for it too, to add suspense. It doesn’t matter I was just wondering.


  2. That Brady must have some potent seed… that took what, three days from conception to twin baby girls?
    And how did Anne come up with Kenisha and Clarissa?

    • Yeah, it went even faster than normal sim pregnancies/growing up. No idea how Anne is picking the names of Brady’s children, she certainly didn’t consult him!

  3. Brady doesn’t have to marry Anne, she can just be a baby mama! I am sure there are others in the hood who would enjoy being his baby mama’s also!

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