Day 22: Expected News

I reevaluated Brady’s life.

Not the challenge. That hasn’t changed, but my approach has. It is clear now, I should have entitled this blog “Brady the Collector”. Afterall, that is what he has become and, really, what he always has been. He collects other people’s money, other people’s stuff, as well as mother nature’s stuff (and if she had some cold-hard simoleons laying around he’d mooch those off of her too).

Brady needs to become better at what he does in order to get more money. At the rate he is going, he will never make it in time. Can he becoming better at “mooching”? Not much, he was born to do that…it’s a natural gift. At stealing? Not really. I have become better at getting him to steal (where to take him, not getting caught, etc…) but Brady can’t really improve…unless he joined the Criminal career path (which he always asks me to do, btw, he either wants to be a criminal or a journalist).

We CAN become better at collecting “natural” items. How? Well, in addition to sending away more gems in the mail so we get better “cuts” and make them more valuable. We can also get Brady the “Collection Helper” lifetime reward. This will make collecting far easier and more efficient.

How do we get him this? Well, Brady has to have enough Lifetime Happiness points. How do we get him more? Make him happy! So, that’s my new goal. I am going to make Brady happy by keeping him in a good mood and fulfilling his wishes til we hit 40,000 and get him his “collection helper”.

I’ve been almost entirely ignoring Brady’s happiness til now, only fulfilling the occasional wish when it fit into his stealing/mooching/collecting plans.

He only has 5,000 now…so…we have a ways to go.


Our plan maximize Brady’s happiness started with a rocking party. Who cares that is only 10 in the morning! Brady is a party animal, but he hasn’t had one in awhile, so he really partied hard!


Lots of guests! And Anne Song came, albeit a bit late, and brought some hot dogs. Hmm…her clothes look a bit weird. She doesn’t match, and that’s not her usual outfit…odd.

Whoa…Brady has the option to “apologize” to her. Hmm…what did Brady do? She didn’t catch him stealing anything, and they are still the best of friends. Huh.

Brady wasn’t able to chat with her until after the party though. She stayed late.


After his chat with her, he got a new…interesting…wish. Brady desires to read a pregnancy book.

Yes, that’s right, Anne’s clothes are hiding a baby bump!

Darn-it, Brady! You are missing the neighborhood grillathon! A way to earn money by hanging out and grilling some dogs! Go quickly!!


Well….that was an epic disaster. We abandoned poor Anne after she dropped that bombshell. We could a crap load of hot dogs, which we burnt. Anybody want to eat these? And we didn’t win a dime. Dang it!


On the way home, Brady purchased himself a book…on pregnancy!


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  1. Woo-hoo! Congrats Brady!

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