Day 20: A Good Day

Day 20…loads of gems were returned in the mail today. Then Brady convinced me that we should hit up the Goth household once again since they have so many expensive items (sure, that’s why).


Brady spent some time flirting more with Anne, then she agreed to let him spend the night. Plenty of time to steal items now! The two of them went upstairs…


And then Anne got extremely upset that this old lady was in this bed, and they couldn’t find a free double bed anywhere.


So Brady brought her downstairs and made her some food. Afterwards, they went back upstairs.


Ehem…and there was, indeed, a free bed. So…I will let you use your imagination on that one. 😉

All and All a good day for Brady…good payday, free dinner and an night’s sleep in a quality bed…with Anne.

Day 20 Total: $1379


3 Responses

  1. Ohhh, I hope there is a litter moocher in Anne and Brady’s future…even if they can’t marry or live together

  2. Umm…possible spoiler warning…

    No comment…. 😉 (one may or may not already be on the way). I didn’t specifically say “woohoo”, did I? Ahem.

  3. Is Brady leaving little Brady’s behind at these houses??

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