Day 18: The Moves


Day 18 was yet another day of collecting….some insects, veggies, seeds, and rocks. He also sent away some diamonds and some quartz to get cut.


After an eating contest, which he lost, Brady made his way to the Goth household in hopes of picking up some expensive loot. Anne was home…and she provided quite the distraction for Brady.


I finally got him to leave her alone, and find a room with no one in it, where he was able to steal some expensive furniture. Pardon the sparkles, a ghost had just zoomed by.


He couldn’t just take the stuff and go since Anne was around. So, he went and found her again where they had a nice conversation. Anne is a unique creature…she is very ambitious, but she is unemployed. Perhaps she is trying to make a living as an artist? Or does her fiery temper get in the way of permanent employment?


Either way, Brady thinks she hot. He puts the moves on her, and before I knew it they were making out in the dining room.

Unfortunately, some grumpy old woman came by and decided it was time for him to leave, so she tossed him out on the street.

Day 18 Total: 2162


5 Responses

  1. Aww. How sweet for them. And how very sad that he can’t have the woman he loves. At least she didn’t catch him stealing her stuff and ruin the relationship.

    • At least until he makes 100,000. At the rate hes going it doesnt seem like it will take that long. Maybe late in his adult life.

      • Yeah, he needs to start making more money! I am hoping that his income will start improving as he invests more, and the gems he finds will be able to get better cuts as he continues to find more, increasing their value. Unfortunately, I don’t think he is getting better at stealing or mooching. I hate the stealing limit, it really makes it difficult. I wasn’t anticipating that when I started this challenge.

  2. Yeah the limit does seem pretty ridiculous. So how much money does he have in all?

    • Hmm…I can’t give you the exact number right now, since I’m in the lab, but I know it’s less than 25,000 (he has a wish to hit 25,000 and he hasn’t yet). The net worth is not going up as much as I’d hope. I should start posting periodic updates on that…I will post one tonight.

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