Day 17: That Anne Song

The park is a great place to get a free lunch.

Brady enjoys pretending to be Yogi the Bear, and steals people’s picnic baskets.


Oh no, here we go again. Brady! She’s a GOTH for crying outloud. She is RICH and out of your league, let go already!


Despite my attempts to distracting, Brady always finds the path that leads to Anne Song. There is nothing going on between them, romantically. They have managed to develop a strong friendship, and I’d daresay she’s his best friend (of course, with Brady a friend today may be an enemy tomorrow when they catch him stealing their toilet).

Brady often gets wishes that involve Anne. Even the ones that are “mooch a few simleons from xxx”…they are more often involving Anne. If I leave him alone for a few seconds, and she happens to be nearby, he finds her…

If it is love, it is very tragic…as by the rules of the challenge, he can never marry her nor can they live together.


(Is Brady talking about jellyfish?)

It was a chess tournament in the park, so Brady asked her to compete against him. Unfortunately, they were well matched and the games were tied 2-2…meaning no tournament money for Brady.

But, I think Brady would still call this day a win…I think he has an un-confessed attraction for Miss Song of the Goth Family Line.

Oh, Brady.

Day 17 Total: $0


2 Responses

  1. I say to heck with the goals, let him marry her. But, I’m like you I have to make rules for stuff so I wouldn’t break my rules. Well knowing me I would make rules so I could get out of the old rules.

    You know he could just marry her after he makes the 100 000.

  2. He could also just hook up, maybe a little boot knocking…. the town needs a Brady heir! LOL

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