Day 15: Partners

Brady’s escapades thus far have earned him over $6,000 in cash (as well as some new furntiure and decor for his house).


Brady decides to invest this money in Hogan’s Deep Fried Diner. After becoming partners, he goes outside and mooches $2 from a nearby customer.

Next, I let Brady go to the movies (he gets in for free thanks to a lifetime reward) to cheer him up a bit. Then its off to Old Pier and the surrounding areas to collect items.

Brady gets:

$34 worth of veggies and fruits

$150 worth of insects

$100 worth of space rocks

$51 worth of gold

$146 worth of seeds

$39 worth of quartz

$62 worth of silver

$55 worth of iron

$137 worth of diamond

Plus some items he stole from the art gallery that I haven’t sold yet because we were both tired.

Total: $624


3 Responses

  1. Man I wish I could get $150 for bugs in real life!!

  2. Hey! I just caught up with your blog. Great idea and I love your Brady character. It’s inspired me to try a similar challenge some time. Just as soon as I can find the time…

  3. Woo-hoo! He did great today! Go Brady Go!!!

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