Day 14: Brady the Collector

Brady decided that, unless there is an eating contest, the best payoff comes from collecting things during the day, and stealing at night.

So, on Day 14 it was off to Central Park. Brady chatted up some people, and then walked around collecting seeds, catching insects and harvesting the fruits and veggies. Hey, no one else was eating them right?


At night, he went to the art gallery. He found the perfect opportunity to steal something and then….”You can’t steal anymore today” says a mysterious voice. “But I haven’t stolen ANYTHING today!” Brady cries. But the voice does not care. Brady goes home disappointed.

Brady sold some items in his inventory that he had from previous collecting days for: $353.

Day 14: 83 (veggies/fruits) + 13 (insects) + 21 (seeds) + 353 = $470


3 Responses

  1. Hmm. Interesting that it wouldn’t let him take anything. Any idea why it gave you that message?

  2. You are only allowed to steal so many items in a few days time. Just wait a day or two and back to stealing!

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