Day 13: The Sekemotos

More collecting today…another park…more rocks, a couple uncut gems, and some lettuce.


Hmm….Brady needs to comb his hair. Next it was a visit to the Sekemoto’s house, where Brady mooched $11 and stole a few items…lamps, a mirror, a candle, and then he was kicked out for “behaving inappropriately” again.


Day 13: 11+65(2) [lamps]+100 [mirror] +70 [candle]+124 [lg space rock]+ some lettuce, uncut gems, and small space rocks that have yet to be sold….total: 435+


2 Responses

  1. Good thing Sandi didn’t have a younger brother or sister with Brady stealing the potty seat. I am enjoying this blog,

  2. Once a klepto….always a klepto! Go Brady Go!!

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