Day 12: You Can’t Steal Anymore, Today

During Day 12, Brady went to a park and collected and harvested some items. He found some silver, some fruits and veggies, butterflies and some space rocks.

The evening consisted of a trip to the Art Gallery but he wasn’t able to steal anything because there was too many people, but he plans to try again.

Instead, Brady heads over to a mom he had yet to go to. The door was answered by a young girl named Sandi. Sandi was home alone at 10pm – her parents didn’t come home til much, much later- and she let a STRANGE MAN (Brady) into her home. Creepy. Luckily Brady is a good guy.


But he did steal a few items: a new shower, a painting, and a potty training seat.


See our nice new shower?  We kept it and threw out that old one.

Day 12: 1930+1830 (we got a diamond back from the cutter)+ 72 (butterfly)+118 (fruits/veggies)+610 (space rocks); we sent our silver away to be smelted; for a total of: $4560


6 Responses

  1. Brady is def racking up the bucks. How funny though that Sandi was home alone! Would have been funny if the game had triggered the social worker or cops, LOL

  2. That is just like real life! I found $600 worth of space rocks in the park just yesterday.

  3. Where were her parents? HAHA! Looks like today was a good day for Brady.

  4. Fortunately, laws of SimPhysics render kids in SimUniverse safe from dangers of the real world.

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