Day 9: Old Habits are Hard to Break

Late on Day 8, Brady swung by the Keaton’s house and returned the dresser- just the dresser- via the mailbox (and some for of crazy shrinking magic). She hasn’t forgiven him yet, but he made a start.

On Day 9, something mysterious happened. Our mailman threw the mail on the ground. Nothing was blocking the mailbox, he didn’t even *try* to put it in the mailbox, he just threw it on the ground. Strange. Perhaps he is friend’s with the Keatons?


After a jog around the park (and hunting for some collectibles- he found an uncut sapphire), Brady goes and visits Bebe (she showed up for his party, but he doesn’t know her that well).


Well, young Bebe has had a baby, and she gained like 50 pounds. Ouch, Bebe. Brady chats with Bebe for awhile, tells some good jokes, you know, the routine. And then while she is taking care of her youngin’ he sneaks upstairs and gets some goods.


Just have to say, I think Bebe’s kitchen is adorable. A bit bright, but cute nonetheless. I want those countertops. (Psst…Brady…can you steal those, please?)

Day 9: $800


2 Responses

  1. Steal the kitchen! Steal the kitchen!

  2. I have seen the postman do that too, some seem to just like throwing the mail on the floor 🙂

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