Day 11: One Night Stand?

On Day 11, Brad does his normal morning routine. Then talked on the phone for a bit to some friends, and put the uncut diamond in the mail to get cut.

Then it was off to an eating contest at the bistro, where he won another $1,000.

After the contest was over, he was hanging out chatting to some of the other contestants and letting his food settle when he met Miss Molly French.

She was a party animal, just like him, and single. So, he applied his charm.


She was also quite the flirt, so things went pretty smoothly.


It was getting late, so he invited her back to his place. They had a quick woohoo, and then she left without even saying goodbye.


2 Responses

  1. Did she get pregnant? Come on now, Brady needs some baby-mamas!

  2. Hmmm, my Molly French has gray hair! She might be close to being an elder–perhaps too old to get pregnant?

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