Day 10: Maywood Chess Tournament

Brady started Day 10 by taking a shower, eating breakfast, cleaning up, and checking the mail. His sapphire came back, earning him $47. Then he checked the events in the newspaper…a chess tournament was being held in Maywood Park at 4pm. Brady had never tried chess before, but he though “why not?”.

He decided, since it was close, he’d check out the graveyard before heading over to the park. He discovered some catacombs to explore. During his exploration he found an uncommon seed that he could not identify, and a uncut pink diamond. But then he was attacked by a bear! Bears in catacombs?

He then had to go straight to the chess tournament, so he wouldn’t be late. He played 2 games before the end of the tournament, but he needed three so did not get a reward.


He then sold the seed for $9 but sent the gem away to be cut properly.

Day 10: $9


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  1. So close on the chess tournament….

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