Day 8: Impersonate a Celebrity Day

Sigh…Day 8 was a waste of Brady’s life and it’s all my fault.

I think one of Brady’s impersonations (he’s a got a “Good Sense of Humor” remember) sounds just like the King of Town from Homestar Runner. And Jimmy is a fan of that online cartoon, so I wanted him to here it. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

Brady ended up running around to different houses the whole day impersonating celebrities on random people. Of course, the clip I want Jimmy to hear is only 2 seconds long, and Brady does different impersonations, and Sims get bored if you do the same social on them repeatedly, and we found a family with no sense of humor. So, yeah, four houses and some random people later…the day is gone, Brady has disturbed many Sims, and Jimmy doesn’t agree with me.

Day 8: $0


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  1. The link for Day 8 on the homepage is probably broken. It gives a 404.

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