Day 7: It’s about time…

Brady starts the day by visiting the gym. Then he gets a call from Anne asking if he wants to come by her place. Brady accepts.

That’s when Bray (and myself) learn that she is a member of the Goth family. But she seems so normal…How is she related?

But, Brady can’t dwell on this as it is time for the Amateur Olympics at the stadium, so off he goes.


Unfortunately, he makes no money from the olympics. But, he does make $8 from a random guy named Dave who was standing outside the stadium. Without an intro Brady just went up and asked him for money, and got it. Getting a bit cocky aren’t we, Brady?


He visited Officer Keaton on his way home. His cockiness continued as he stole her dresser, painting and lamp.


But…it kicks him in the butt. She catches him stealing the dresser! She kicks him out and tells him they are not friends anymore. She won’t even give him enough time to give back the dresser.

That night Brady lies awake in bed feeling guilty and sad about losing his new friend.

He gets a new wish…to return the dresser.


4 Responses

  1. He got caught! Too funny!!!

  2. Oh, that is so human, and sad-he wants to return the dresser and regain her trust–I really like that!

  3. He tried to rob the cop??? What was he thinking!

  4. A Mooch with a conscience. Wow! Haha, this is awesome! 😀

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