Advice for Brady?

Do you have any advice for Brady? Any tips on how to make money the easy way? How do you think he should spend his day? Where should he go? Brady needs help, so please  post your advice in the comments!!


10 Responses

  1. Hmm…is it possible in the game to steal from community lots…like the art gallery? Lots of nice expensive pieces of work there.

  2. Yes, that is possible. One of my sims stole a toilet and a trash can from the park. Good suggestion about the art gallery…

    Also, maybe try to collect some of the items like the rare space rocks that have a large payoff… I’m finding that collecting bugs/butterflies and selling ot the science center is a good way to earn quick cash… I’ve gotten over §200 per specemin so far.

  3. Yes, Brady has stolen a park bench from a community lot! However, its a lot more difficult, and I find I don’t always get the option to steal things. I think there are certain things you can’t steal. I will try the art gallery idea, though. Thanks!

    Brady has started collecting things. I do have the prima guide, but I’m not going to use it (got to keep it challenging!). I didn’t know that the insects could gain so much! I will definitely try catching those too! Thanks!

  4. Seems to me like Brady should just win eating contests for a living!

  5. I think that now that Brady is skilled in his “profession”, he needs a partner in crime 🙂 .. lol,,,,, I would create the perfect wife for him so that they can enjoy the spoils of their endeavors together 🙂

    • I don’t know what to do about Brady getting married….I didn’t really make room for that in my challenge. He’s supposed to earn the 100,000 by himself just mooching, stealing, collecting, etc…. If I were to let him get married, she’d want to work or at least contribute in some way. If she steals as well, then she is doubling Brady’s load….

  6. I think Brady and Anne should have a forbidden love child ! LOL

  7. When my Sim entered the criminal career path he did a side job on his first day of work. He also has the klepto trait. He was arrested and spent 18 hours in jail. He stole a water trough from one of the community lots. I don’t know if this is a random thing that happens during work, because I didn’t actually see him take it. However, I’m a little leery of having him steal something else from a community lot! I felt like I waited forEVER for him to get out! He did, however get to keep the trough…and ended up returning it, earning a positive moodlet.

  8. I’ve found that in the game writing novels makes you a lot of money. You can write a variety of books, but only one at a time. But it is a great way to get money, because you get payed weekly, every Sunday. The better quality your novels are, and the better your writing skill is, the more money you make. Writing romance novels makes you the most. WRITE A LOT! But you’ll need a computer, so Brady’s gonna need to steal one or splurge.

    • For Brady’s challenge, writing isn’t allowed.

      However, I am using it for my Solitary Sam challenge!

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