Day 6: Lucky, but Sore

Brady woke up the next morning feeling sore from all the working out, but lucky- like something good was going to happen today.


He decided to invite over Anne Song. They have a nice chat, he learns she is artistic and single. He mooched a $1 off her.


When he tried to mooch a larger amount…


She stormed away angry. Hmm…not feeling so lucky now, are we Brady?


Next he went over to Erin’s. They hang out for awhile- chatting, joking and having a good time.


She makes some great autumn salad, that Brady very much enjoys. By the end of the evening, Brady & Erin have earned the “best friend” status.


When Brady leaves, he manages to take a couch, rug and chair with him. Who robs from their best friend???? A kleptomaniac mooch sim, that’s who! He can’t help himself! He gets the couch and rug reupholstered to match his own furniture.

Day 6: $8 (Erin) + $1 (Anne) + $875 (stolen goods)= $884 plus some free food.


8 Responses

  1. That’s hilarious*L* And how does she not notice him steal her whole living room set:P I may have to add a kleptomaniac trait into my legacy line

  2. HAHA! That is great, he stole her living room!

  3. What a hoot!!! Makes me laugh every time I come for an update…thanks SO much for sharing!

    Looking forward to more adventures of Brady the Mooch!!!!

  4. I love this story! How funny that he steals from his best friend! He reminds me of a girl I went to high school with! 🙂

  5. Really loving the mooching thing, Brady scores big with the whole klepto angle! LOL

  6. Oh, no, now she has no living room! What will he do the next time he visits? That trait is too funny. It will serve him right if he moves in with her one day!

  7. Does Erin not notice the missing furniture after he leaves?

  8. My Sim is a kleptomaniac and she tried to steal her best friend’s bathtub. He caught her and they became enemies!

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