Day 1: Toilet Thief

This is Brady. Brady doesn’t want to work a day in his life. Brady is too interested in having fun, partying, and meeting new people.


This is Brady’s house. I let him keep his starting funds. Not much to look at, but at least he has a roof over his head.


On Brady’s first day, he visited his neighbors, the Kennedys, a lady named Erin answered the door and invited him inside- how nice! Their house was very nice and Brady enjoyed their comfy sofa and interesting music selection.


Brady told some funny jokes and stories- because that is what Brady does, and they were having a wonderful time. Erin & Brady were practically good friends by the time Brady left.

After some dancing, Brady went the bathroom, and mooched some food off of Erin before heading back home for the evening.


But, before he left…he managed to steal something. The Bargain John. His neighbor’s one and only toilet. I don’t know how he managed to sneak it out of there, or where he found the tools. He went home and sold it for $250. Not bad for a day’s “work”.

Day One: $250 plus some free food


4 Responses

  1. I wonder if now she really doesn’t have a toilet? If you went over there again, what would you find?

  2. I actually have visited her again already (I just haven’t posted it yet, since it was just this morning)…but she DOESN’T have a toilet anymore. It’s just gone, the game didn’t replace it. Brady needed to use it and he had to go home instead, lol.

  3. That poor family! He took their toilet! ARRGH!!! *snicker*

  4. HAHAA. He took the toilet! Now she lives without one. Were there lots of puddles in her house too?

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