Welcome to the Adventures of Brady the Mooch!

The Challenge:

To have a Sim not work a day in his life but somehow manage to become rich.

I’ve created a Sim, Brady, that has the following traits:

– Mooch

– Kleptomaniac

– Party Animal

– Lucky

– Good Sense of Humor

Brady’s Lifetime Wish? To have a net household worth of 100,000 simoleons.

Brady cannot earn income from any of the following:

– Careers, Part-time Jobs, or Career Opportunities

– Painting, Novel Writing, Guitar Playing, Fishing, Gardening

– Skill Opportunities

– Marrying Rich

Brady can earn his money/food/items from:

– Mooching

– Stealing (Kleptomaniac trait)

– Special Opportunities (eating contests, etc…)

– Collecting & Selling (but he can’t plant the seeds)

– Gifts of Food at Parties

– Visiting neighbors and using their facilities/food

– Investing? In the prima guide it mentions Sims can invest in the town businesses and earn a profit. If that comes up, I will let Brady do that as well.


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