Day 17: That Anne Song

The park is a great place to get a free lunch.

Brady enjoys pretending to be Yogi the Bear, and steals people’s picnic baskets.


Oh no, here we go again. Brady! She’s a GOTH for crying outloud. She is RICH and out of your league, let go already!


Despite my attempts to distracting, Brady always finds the path that leads to Anne Song. There is nothing going on between them, romantically. They have managed to develop a strong friendship, and I’d daresay she’s his best friend (of course, with Brady a friend today may be an enemy tomorrow when they catch him stealing their toilet).

Brady often gets wishes that involve Anne. Even the ones that are “mooch a few simleons from xxx”…they are more often involving Anne. If I leave him alone for a few seconds, and she happens to be nearby, he finds her…

If it is love, it is very tragic…as by the rules of the challenge, he can never marry her nor can they live together.


(Is Brady talking about jellyfish?)

It was a chess tournament in the park, so Brady asked her to compete against him. Unfortunately, they were well matched and the games were tied 2-2…meaning no tournament money for Brady.

But, I think Brady would still call this day a win…I think he has an un-confessed attraction for Miss Song of the Goth Family Line.

Oh, Brady.

Day 17 Total: $0


Day 16: Shots Missed

Before we continue Brady’s tale I need to offer my apologies for two things….first, my absence over the last few days which was due to a sick kitty; second, for the lack of details and pictures in the next few posts. I didn’t feel like updating while my kitty was ill, but I still played a bit. Unfortunately, this resulted in lazy note-keeping for the blog.

Day 16 is lacking in pictures. So, I am offering up some photos that I found that were accidentally left off of previous posts.



Molly & Brady at his place after drinks.

Day 16 was primarily a collecting day. He sold some items, stole some things from the art gallery, found some rocks, veggies, butterflies etc..

He also collected his first profit payment from the diner ($850).

Day 16 Total: 2499

Sorry for Lack of Updates- Sick Kitty

I’m sorry for my recent lack of updates on Brady the Mooch. You can read why on my personal blog, here:

Day 15: Partners

Brady’s escapades thus far have earned him over $6,000 in cash (as well as some new furntiure and decor for his house).


Brady decides to invest this money in Hogan’s Deep Fried Diner. After becoming partners, he goes outside and mooches $2 from a nearby customer.

Next, I let Brady go to the movies (he gets in for free thanks to a lifetime reward) to cheer him up a bit. Then its off to Old Pier and the surrounding areas to collect items.

Brady gets:

$34 worth of veggies and fruits

$150 worth of insects

$100 worth of space rocks

$51 worth of gold

$146 worth of seeds

$39 worth of quartz

$62 worth of silver

$55 worth of iron

$137 worth of diamond

Plus some items he stole from the art gallery that I haven’t sold yet because we were both tired.

Total: $624

Day 14: Brady the Collector

Brady decided that, unless there is an eating contest, the best payoff comes from collecting things during the day, and stealing at night.

So, on Day 14 it was off to Central Park. Brady chatted up some people, and then walked around collecting seeds, catching insects and harvesting the fruits and veggies. Hey, no one else was eating them right?


At night, he went to the art gallery. He found the perfect opportunity to steal something and then….”You can’t steal anymore today” says a mysterious voice. “But I haven’t stolen ANYTHING today!” Brady cries. But the voice does not care. Brady goes home disappointed.

Brady sold some items in his inventory that he had from previous collecting days for: $353.

Day 14: 83 (veggies/fruits) + 13 (insects) + 21 (seeds) + 353 = $470

Day 13: The Sekemotos

More collecting today…another park…more rocks, a couple uncut gems, and some lettuce.


Hmm….Brady needs to comb his hair. Next it was a visit to the Sekemoto’s house, where Brady mooched $11 and stole a few items…lamps, a mirror, a candle, and then he was kicked out for “behaving inappropriately” again.


Day 13: 11+65(2) [lamps]+100 [mirror] +70 [candle]+124 [lg space rock]+ some lettuce, uncut gems, and small space rocks that have yet to be sold….total: 435+

Day 12: You Can’t Steal Anymore, Today

During Day 12, Brady went to a park and collected and harvested some items. He found some silver, some fruits and veggies, butterflies and some space rocks.

The evening consisted of a trip to the Art Gallery but he wasn’t able to steal anything because there was too many people, but he plans to try again.

Instead, Brady heads over to a mom he had yet to go to. The door was answered by a young girl named Sandi. Sandi was home alone at 10pm – her parents didn’t come home til much, much later- and she let a STRANGE MAN (Brady) into her home. Creepy. Luckily Brady is a good guy.


But he did steal a few items: a new shower, a painting, and a potty training seat.


See our nice new shower?  We kept it and threw out that old one.

Day 12: 1930+1830 (we got a diamond back from the cutter)+ 72 (butterfly)+118 (fruits/veggies)+610 (space rocks); we sent our silver away to be smelted; for a total of: $4560