Welcome to the Brady the Mooch Blog.

Brady is a Sim in the Sims 2 attempting to become rich without working a day in his life. Will it happen?


About: If you have never been here before, start here!

Day One: Toilet Thief

Day Two: Party Animal

Day Three: A Trip to the Library

Day Four: Stuffed

Day Five: A Day at the Gym

Day Six: Lucky, but Sore

Day Seven: It’s About Time

Day Eight: Impersonate a Celebrity

Day Nine: Old Habits are Hard to Break

Day Ten: Maywood Chess Tournament

Day Eleven: One Night Stand

Day Twelve: You can’t steal anymore, today.

Day Thirteen: The Sekemotos

Day Fourteen: Brady the Collector

Day Fifteen: Partners

Day Sixteen: Shots Missed

Day Seventeen: That Anne Song

Day Eighteen: The Moves

Day Nineteen: A New Low

Day Twenty: A Good Day

Day Twenty One: Another Investment

Day Twenty Two: Expected News

Day Twenty Three: With Anne

Day Twenty Four: The Meeting

Day Twenty Five: Oh…dear…

Day Twenty Six: A B-Day Celebration

Day Twenty Seven: Meet Curt

Day Twenty Eight: Cake for Breakfast

Day Twenty Nine: The Landgrabb’s

Day Thirty through Thirty Two: Fast Forward

Day Thirty Three: A Turning Point?

Day Thirty Four: Checkmate

Day Thirty Five: A Bit Too Excited

One Last  Party

Delicious Cake

One Last Night

At Last

Give Brady Advice


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